Kangura No. 40

I Dreamt That Nsengiyaremye Wanted to Reconcile With Bucyana

Bonaparte Ndekezi

Certain advisers of the Prime Minister, His Excellency Nsengiyaremye, have told him to approach Bucyana, a Mushi, coax and make him give up the leadership of the “Parti de la Coalition Pour la Défense de la République” as well as the interests of the majority people composed essentially of Hutus and urge him to resign forthwith. Thus, Nsengiyaremye urged these brave persons determined to consolidate benefits accruing from the 1959 revolution, namely the republic and democracy, which the Tutsis and their accomplices want to destroy because of their personal and regional interests. The main ideas ensuing from their discussion which lasted for more than two hours are:

Nsengiyaremye: “Mr. Martin Bucyana, dear brother, we are both from the same region, greater Nduga, it would be very advantageous for you to leave the M.R.N.D., the so-called Abakiga party of Habyarimana. In fact, even though you argue that this party is defending Hutu interests, you are not doing that more than those of us from the M.D.R., P.S.D. and other Hutu majority parties. We too are perfectly aware of this principle. On the other hand, this C.D.R. party is misleading you. It was formed by those who want to monopolize and maintain power, that is, M.R.N.D. supporters who are exclusively Abakiga. How come the others like Nsekalije have maintained ministerial portfolios for 17 years, whereas after a stint at Minitransco, you were transferred to the papyrus swamps of Zaza, miles away? Yet, if you take my advice, I could improve your situation so considerably that you would regret all the time you wasted at the place where you were put. I urge you to examine your conscience and I tell you sincerely that the General on whom you are counting no longer has a place. In fact, he would have left you if he had found a refuge. We will welcome with applause and cries of joy, pots of milk and honey, for even the prodigal son was welcome with love and warmth by his father and close relatives.

“Coming back to the issue of the Tutsis and the R.P.F., you agree that I am a true Hutu, different from Twagiramungu, who is fighting for the post of President or to oust me from my post and who is suspected of having changed his ethnic group. Even when I was still a student in Belgium, it was Ngulinzira, wrongly called a Tutsi, and I who prepared and had signed documents condemning the grabbing attitude of the minority ethnic group and requesting that the majority people, composed of the Hutus, have a fair share in the government and economy of the country.

“Personally, I know very well that the R.P.F. is the number one enemy of the Hutus, for even Bizimungu, Kanyarengwe, Lizinde and other Hutus are just a front designed to show the international community that the Inkotanyi are not operating racial segregation; otherwise, the R.P.F. is concerned only with Tutsi interests. However, I urge you to be understanding, for my position and future do not allow me to speak openly as you of the C.D.R. do.

“Furthermore, I know that if I or any other Hutu became President of the Republic, the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi (it’s on you that I secretly confer the position of Inyenzi) would continue to fight his regime. To me this strategy of claiming powers that outstrip by far those of the head of state, is explained by the fact that they feel that once we share their views, they will seize the opportunity to overthrow the current president and gradually steal all the power. I was very disappointed when I learned that they had launched other bloody attacks while the talks were in progress, for the situation I had condemned in Kibuye had arisen again. Nevertheless, those of us who have problems with the General, including all those from the south of the country, because he killed our people and blocked our access to schools and good posts in the government, in short, by delaying progress in all areas, feel that by joining the R.P.F., which has weapons and receives political support from foreign countries, it would be easier for us to weaken Ikinani and his cohort and evict him from the throne he believes is God-given. Would you not have realized that the Inkotanyi have for long made this idol tremble, and that subsequently, we have stripped him of all powers he prided himself on? Moreover, rest assured: after achieving our objective to conquer power, we will send out a cry of alarm: “Those who must die will die, the Bagogwe case is nothing compared to...”

Bucyana: “Your Excellency the Prime Minister, I am neither more intelligent nor more respectable than you even though I am older and your elder in politics. However, I would like to inform you that all your statements are baseless. At this time of democracy based on multiparty politics, you must not frustrate any recognized party and prevent it from expressing itself or acceding to power as if it were monopolized or inherited by some. The C.D.R. is not a regional party. It is not subjected to anyone whatsoever and does not belong to an individual. Furthermore, it is not because I am from the South that I must follow you blindly or for whatever reason. And then, if this were not a pure lie, you cannot say that you, yourself, and the parties that have allied with the enemy, are defending the Republic as well as the interests of the majority Hutu people, whereas you are betraying them. In fact, many Rwandans rushed to join the M.D.R. or P.S.D. party, thinking that it was the Parmehutu party [that Habyarimana’s coup d’état had unfairly dissolved] and the Aposoma of the late Gitera, the great Hutu leader, that were being revived. Is it real]y conceivable that these parties have been misled up to the point where they prefer to ally with the Shitani-Ntutsi (Tutsi demonic snakes) and this for the purpose of acceding to power? You will be surprised! You, yourself, assert that the R.P.F. is an enemy. Do you therefore think that you are more intelligent or cunning than the R.P.F. to imagine that one day you would be in a position to take the upper hand as if they were sleeping? Do you not think that the crimes the Tutsis are currently committing against Habyarimana—who had inordinately favored them—or the refugee excesses directed towards him as if he had expelled them in 1959 while he was still very young, will not be reversed against those who took pleasure to support these bloodthirsty persons?

It is obvious that misunderstanding exists between individuals. It is normal that Murego who had been detained for 12 years because of his views, opposes the government that imprisoned him. The same can be said of Twagiramungu who cannot in any way have the same views as the person responsible for the death of his father-in-law under mysterious circumstances. Strongly convinced that it was the Abakiga who had poisoned him, Gatabazi can only but track them down. Furthermore, the Gitarama people who had been ousted from power not remain inactive whereas they attribute the death of their politicians to Habyarimana and Lizinde. Kanyarengwe, Lizinde, Bizimungu (?) and Biseruka, who narrowly escaped, can only but revenge on their opponent. The spirit of vengeance and fight against the enemy is part of human nature.

What can neither be supported nor tolerated is the extermination of a crowd of people wishing to eliminate the person you hate, even without certainty that he will be hit. Furthermore, he can maintain himself or be maintained in power from which his opponents wanted to oust him, since the latter have become the scum following their silly and animal conduct. To our knowledge, nobody has burnt down his house because it was invaded by cockroaches or naja nigricolis. To tell the truth, which power in the world has been untouchable? His regime is toppled either through democratic elections or by other forces, which do not exterminate the population with bullets and do not ravage the country. Rwanda does not lack such forces. Besides, if you know me very well, I have never in my life favored my personal interests; I have, at all times, been preoccupied with the pursuit and defense of the interests and safety of the majority people. I am of the opinion that we agree.”