Kangura No. 40

Editorial: Burundi—Buyoya’s Last Days

The Tutsi dictatorial regime of Pierre Buyoya of Burundi is living its last days. In fact, the majority Hutu people of this country will soon seize power through elections to be organized in June 1993. Nobody dies without agonizing. This also applies to Buyoya. He has picked up quarrels in Rwanda for a long time, and at the present state of affairs, he may even contemplate suicide. He claims that Rwanda is sabotaging the democratic process in Burundi as if this country has ever known democracy!

You know that the Editor of the Kangura newspaper was recently persecuted, arrested and detained on Buyoya’s instructions. At the same time, the incompetent Dismas Nsengiyaremye was holding meetings of the Council of State the agenda of which included consideration of the Kangura case. Needless to dwell on the blunders of his lackey Pascal Ndengejeho who bawls throughout the day on Radio Rwanda that Hassan Ngeze is sabotaging relations between Rwanda and Burundi. All the security meetings held have considered the Kangura case in order to please Buyoya as he perpetrates atrocities against the Hutus of Burundi.

What appears bewildering is that instead of expressing his gratitude to Rwanda for having imprisoned Ngeze, Buyoya has incited the newspapers of his country, whose inclination towards the Tutsis and the Inkotanyi is known, to rise up against Rwanda. In the letter below, the Ambassador of Rwanda to Bujumbura accentuates provocation from Burundi Hutu newspapers. One would say they are paid to denigrate Rwanda. Buyoya should therefore not take it out on Kangura each time it publishes the whole truth on his blunders.