Kangura No. 40

The President of the Republic Must Make Decisions Before the Situation Degenerates

Nobody stops Habyarimana from being perspicacious and wise, which are the qualities we identify in him. However, a Head of State must, at sometime, assume responsibilities assigned to him by the population. At the moment, there is serious rivalry between the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic. This rivalry that we take liberty to call a “wrestling match” reportedly stems from the President’s excessive simplicity which makes Nsengiyaremye assume a position which is not his. Elsewhere, the Prime Minister is normally the President’s collaborator. He is not the second President of the country. And then, democracy is the same throughout the world. Needless to say in Rwanda, it means the same thing as in other countries. The issue that recently caused a stir whereas it was not even necessary is the designation of the person to lead the Rwandan delegation to the talks holding in Arusha.

Only the President of the Republic has the power to designate the person to lead those representing Rwanda abroad. He performs this duty on behalf of Rwandans. After noting that Boniface Ngurinzira was not in a position to perform the mission that the Government had entrusted to him, he replaced him with Gasana James, Minister of Defense. Due to his insubordination to the Head of State, Nsengiyaremye recently challenged this appointment and decided that Gasana, Ngurinzira and Ndasingwa Landuald, the Inyenzi, would lead Rwanda’s representatives in turns. Which of the agreements signed by one or the other would have the force of law? Since the agreement signed by Ngurinzira Boniface, Nsengiyaremye’s special envoy, is unfavorable to us, what would happen with those which will be signed in Arusha by the Inyenzi Ndasingwa Lando and his kinsmen? Our donors are going to divest because of Nsengiyaremye’s mistakes, treason and incompetence. On the assumption of his duties, this country was doing quite well and was credible in the eyes of the international community. All this has fallen apart!

We all call for the end of the disturbances; all those who share in the responsibility should be punished. However, we must be careful. Investigations to be conducted on authorities who may have partly contributed to these disturbances or may have failed to fulfill their mission, should not be used as a pretext to execute the Inyenzi plan to eliminate the authorities that have been unfavorable to them. Everyone is aware that Nsengiyaremye serves the Inyenzi and has resolved to help them seize power. We therefore request President Habyarimana to be vigilant so as not to approve the heresies, and protect the victims. We do not wish him to be like one of our former Ministers, old Ildephonse Musafiri who is said to have unconsciously and distractedly signed his own dismissal!

We are also requesting the President of the Republic to consider wisely Nsengiyaremye’s provocation. Indeed, how can the population be made to understand that they must offer assistance, and restitute the property of the Tutsis chased away because of their pride, at the time when those chased away from Ruhengeri and Byumba by the Inyenzi are still wandering? Should these Tutsis, who are, moreover, offered accommodation in the homes of Reverend Fathers, not expect the findings of the Arusha Accords on the same footing as the others, who are constantly shelled by the Inyenzi? As to allegations that newspapers have been forbidden from telling the truth, which is impossible, for such a situation would mean that the country has regressed by one century! Let’s be serious! If there is any authority to be punished for the disturbances that occurred, then Nsengiyaremye should be first followed by the others.