Kangura No. 40

Editorial: What Is the President of the Republic Waiting for to Dismiss Nsengiyaremye the Troublemaker?

We knew that Dismas Nsengiyaremye was particularly incompetent. However, this person is hiding many other things. He is a traitor and everyone knows it. But he is equally wicked and treacherous. In fact, knowing full well that he is among the first leaders of this country, he wants to involve it in another war whereas he has not stopped the first. We may be inclined to believe that Nsengiyaremye is convinced that the war we are waging against the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi is not enough for him to start a civil war.

Indeed, Nsengiyaremye is responsible for the disturbances that our country has recently experienced, particularly, in the Gisenyi, Ruhengeri and Kibuye Prefectures where he incited the people to kill each other! Does he imagine the impact his statements have on the population when he urges them to organize their self-defense, feigning innocence subsequently? I put the following question to Nsengiyaremye: against which attacks is the population expected to organize self-defense? His lackey, Pascal Ndengejeho tries to explain: “In fact, Nsengiyaremye did not say that. What he wanted to say is.…” Could he not realize the manner in which the population defends itself? The Rwandan events are identical to those of Zaïre where the Prime Minister Etienne Tshisekedi, like Nsengiyaremye, is filled with bad faith since he is setting the country ablaze. President Mobutu does not allow himself to be pushed around! He took a decision to dismiss the inactive government and its Prime Minister Tshisekedi. I don’t know what President Habyarimana is waiting for to dismiss such an incompetent individual. Nothing stops him since the Constitution empowers him to do so. It is no surprise to the President who is, reportedly, playing his national reconciliation card, but till when!