Kangura No. 40

Editorial: Cyangugu—Twagiramungu Caused Massive Youth Enrolment in the Inkotanyi

In addition to substantial funds that Faustin Twagiramungu collected from certain traders belonging to the parties he had allied to the Inkotanyi, this man continues to mislead the youth of the Cyangugu Prefecture by having them enrolled in the Inkotanyi. He entices them in several ways: to some he promises that the Inkotanyi will obtain them jobs abroad, to others he distributes money and still to others he promises the opportunity to study.

The following are the names of children (including the names of their parents) who joined the Inkotanyi at the instigation of Twagiramungu. [People of Cyangugu, see those who are going to exterminate you by bullet. Follow the advice given to you by the Prime Minister, namely self-defense, for the security services seem to have relaxed the zeal to perform their task.] Kangura will continue to inform you on the daily departures of Tutsi young people to join the Inkotanyi. It is necessary that the truth on the Inyenzi attacks be told to the population. Anyone who knows the names of those who continue to enroll in the Inkotanyi should assist us. Occasionally, even a madman can say something reasonable. In this respect, Kangura would like to congratulate Nsengiyaremye for this speech which he, delivered (from his heart of hearts) and in which he requested the population to defend themselves. He should continue in the same manner, except that the Inkotanyi will request him to explain because he has betrayed their common plan. We are waiting to hear what he is going to say about the Inkotanyi attacks in Ruhengeri and Byumba. In fact, Radio France picked up in Kigali, on 9 February 1993, has confirmed that Nsengiyaremye was fully aware of those attacks.