Kangura No. 40

Editorial: Be Vigilant, or Else the Arusha Talks Will Bring Us Back to the Feudal Regime We Rejected in 1959

We all Rwandans should support the Arusha Talks. We are however opposed to certain political parties which, in their own interests, are betraying Rwandans. It is unusual that there are 16 political parties in Rwanda, or 17 if we include the R.P.F. Only parties in the government represent all Rwandans whereas we are all united within these 17 political parties. The parties in government should understand that they are not the only political parties in Rwanda. Furthermore, as long as no elections have been held, no party should consider itself superior to others. During distribution of posts within the transitional government, all parties should be treated on an equal footing. It is amazing to hear leaders of certain parties like the M.D.R., P.S.D., P.L. and P.D.C. state that all Rwandans are equal and that no Rwandan should bar another from acceding to power in his country. Allow me to ask you one question: are the M.D.R., P.S.D., P.L. and P.D.C. composed of only Rwandans? Why should we be quarrelling whereas we are not even members of those parties?