Kangura No. 40

Ndengejeho Does Not Know the Names of the Parties


Would it be through ignorance or ingrained dishonesty that Pascal Ndengejeho, Minister of Information, surprised people—including whites—by calling the C.D.R. “Coalition pour la Défence de la Majorité Populaire” [Coalition for the Defense of the Majority People] ? It is true that the C.D.R. is defending the interests of the majority people; however, that is not the name by which it is known. As from today, Ndengejeho must know that the letter “R” stands for Republic.

Furthermore, he shamelessly made these senseless statements on the French radio R.F.I. on 9/2/93 in support of the R.P.F.-Inkotanyi murderous attacks at the time the talks were in progress. He thus wanted to denigrate the M.R.N.D., C.D.R. and the President of the Republic without knowing that he was discrediting himself and, at the same time, before the international community, the entire Rwandan authority, including that of the entire Ndengejeho government. He should be brought before the court for having betrayed Rwanda and its people by supporting crimes supported by the enemy during the war and collaborating with him to spread false rumors.