Kangura No. 40

Patron Saints, M.D.R. Members Are Courting Problems for You!

Ny. F.

The Rwandans had adopted the habit of giving the first name “Agathe” to their children simply because the President’s wife was called Agathe. At the moment, no person dare adopt this first name at baptism or give it to his child because of Prime Minister Agathe’s atrocities and insolence. People regret that this beautiful name has been stolen by an arrogant woman. Furthermore, the M.D.R. has set itself against many saints. For instance, Boniface, Faustin, Pascal and Dismas are castigated even in the church, for the lightning that adopted these first names have outwitted Lucifer in lies, insults, theft, denigration, destruction under the pretext of liberating the people, egotism and lack of affection towards the neighbor, or even murder.