Kangura No. 40

All Lightning Is Destructive

H. Fr. X.

When the J.D.R. called themselves “lightning,” those of the firmament were jealous and furious on grounds that human beings wanted to imitate them. Thus, they intensified their violence and anger, for they feared being rivaled by those they consider as puppies which only bark. Listen to death announcements and you will realize that people were dying each hour, struck by lightning.

The J.D.R. are urged to get started and increase their effort to win the first prize for which the true thunders are fighting, namely fire, violence and the murder of innocent people. It is true that they have given themselves a bad name, which, moreover, suits them. In general, the lightning deprives parents of their children, orphan children, impoverish the population by depriving them of their domestic animals. The population expects no interest from them. The female lightning is feared because it demolishes all.