Kangura No. 40

Editorial: The C.D.R. and R.P.F. Must Meet to Stop This War

McEntre, an American politician, one day stated, “America to the Americans,” which is to say that “America belongs to Americans.” And Jimmy Cliff, a Jamaican musician, added: If America belongs to the Americans, then Africa belongs to Africans, India to Indians and Europe to Europeans. These two people are not advocating isolation. No. They said it to prevent people from interfering in the internal affairs of any country. The problem of Rwanda does not only concern Rwandans who, alone, must solve it.

The war we are waging against the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi drags on and, in fact, it has been on for more than two years. On the other hand, negotiations between the Government of Rwanda and the R.P.F.-Inkotanyi are not succeeding and will achieve nothing. It is high time the truth was told rather than continue to waste time in Arusha. Rwanda’s problem, the war we are waging, is the war between the Hutus and the Tutsis who are fighting for power. The problem does not seem to concern the Twas, even though they are Rwandan natives. They have left it to the two giants.

The war between the Hutus and the Tutsis did not begin today. It dates far back. When the Tutsis arrived in Rwanda, the Hutus were in power. Though in the minority, they were more shrewd and stronger than Hutus from whom they seized power and monopolized it for 400 years.

In 1959, the majority Hutu people revolted, took their revenge on the Tutsis and power returned to the people. The Tutsis driven from power have done everything to regain power, which narrowly slipped away from them. They have continued to launch attacks ever since Rwanda became independent. The situation has remained unchanged since the Hutu have refused to be subdued by arms. That is the problem and the rest is just literature.

Negotiations are necessary if we do not want our country to sink into endless wars. Furthermore, frank and fair talks are necessary. According to the Inkotanyi who allege to have attacked in order to overthrow the M.R.N.D. dictatorial regime and establish democracy, this is an outright lie, indeed, a pretext. They have come to revenge their great grandparents who were evicted from power by the Hutus, which coincided with the fact that Habyarimana is President of the Republic. To the Tutsis, Habyarimana is a Hutu like others even though he has favored them throughout his rule. The Tutsis are truly ungrateful, yet Habyarimana has spoilt them.

It has not at all been through stupidity that the Tutsis joined certain Hutu political parties such as the M.D.R., P.S.D.… Indeed, they are waging a war that they know well and are aware of what they are doing. After misleading the Hutus of the opposition and overthrowing Habyarimana, the problem will once again be posed. The Tutsis will not accept the Hutus in power even if the latter allegedly came from the M.D.R. party which, moreover, caused their exile. For their part, the Hutus, even after the overthrow of Habyarimana, would not accept to be subdued once again by arms under the pretext of democracy. This position is well known by the Tutsis. Rather than waste time in Arusha, it would be necessary to organize a national conference, which would bring together the representatives of Rwanda’s Hutus, led by Martin Bucyana, C.D.R. Chairman.

The Tutsis of Rwanda would be represented by Kigeli V. Ndahindurwa, leader of the Inyenzi. It is obvious that Kagame (R.P.F.) and Barayagwiza (C.D.R.) will attend this conference. Issues would be discussed without an ulterior motive contrary to what is currently happening at the Arusha talks. Can we have confidence in someone who passes for a Tutsi when he is among the Hutus and a Tutsi when he is among the Tutsis? In the absence of a Hutu party to oppose the Tutsi rebels, the Rwandan Armed Forces would represent the majority people. It is very obvious that the Inyenzi would represent the Tutsis. We recall on the passing that should the Inyenzi-Inkotanyi not stop their scorn and arrogance or should they persist in that manner, the majority people will form a party composed of Hutus. This party will fight the Inyenzi rebels. We should therefore operate with zeal.