Kangura No. 40

An Association for All Hutus: “Turi Hose” [“We Are Everywhere”]

An association of all Hutus from various parties is hereby born!

It is regrettable to note that the Hutus are killing each other all day long simply because they do not belong to the same parties or do not come from the same regions. All Hutus are the same and those from one region need those of another region, just as those belonging to one political party need those of another party for various reasons; on these grounds, an association hereinafter “Turi hose” [“We are everywhere”] is hereby set up. Every “Turi hose” member may attend all Hutu gatherings, without impediment or suspicion. Similarly, any holder of a “Turi hose” card will have the right to move around without any problems during occasions organized by Hutu political parties. Whoever encounters problems of any nature will be given assistance.

The “Turi hose” party has undertaken to distribute its cards abroad where there are Hutus (Bantus). If the need arises, the “Turi hose” party may even offer assistance in all to Hutus residing abroad. We are therefore urging you to obtain “Turi hose” cards.

N.B. Persons wishing to represent “Turi hose” throughout Rwanda are requested to obtain information from the Kangura Head Office, P.O. Box 1312 Kigali.

Whoever has peace prepares for war.
Whoever is at war prepares for peace.
Whoever needs power supports the majority.