Kangura No. 40, Cover Illustration

Kangura No. 40


  • Cartoon, top left: Concerning the traitors you see here before you, the Hutus demand that they be punished in accordance with Articles 151–154 of the Penal Code for supporting the Inkotanyi
  • Cartoon, top right: Since you have confessed of your own accord, you will be held criminally responsible for the spilled blood of the Hutus.
  • Cartoon, bottom right: I did what I did through ignorance. As you know, I trained as a veterinarian. Twagiramungu is responsible for what happened.
  • Have the Tutsis already forgotten what Kayibanda told them…?
  • Habyarimana must take into account the demands of the Hutus.
  • Cyangugu: Twagiramungu urges the youth to join the Inkotanyi.
  • Burundi: Buyoya will give up power in June of this year.
  • Nsengiyaremye has urged the Hutus to defend themselves: what, then, are they waiting for!!!!

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